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Its winter which makes this time the perfect time to layer up with coats,  pullovers and just about anything for the extra warmth  and most importantly it’s the time to look our best, with the holidays so close its time to look your most stylish. Here’s a collage of favorite things we love this week.

1. Black and white faux fur coat  //// 2. Lace Rabbit Ear Heads //// 3. Snow time earrings  //// 4. Center front jewel Blouse //// 5. Black textured bodycon dress //// 6. Fit and Flare Coat //// 7. Navy Ombre ////
8. Peplum Coat ////  9. Crewneck pullover //// 10. Lace flats //// 11. Apricot shimmer headband ////
12. Animal print bodycon skirt //// 13. Space invaders sweatshirt //// 14. Plaid Retro pants //// 15. Collar Necklace.

The white blouse with  a jewel centre is the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit without trying to hard its simple and cute. The accessories are plenty cute and fun especially the lace rabbit ears that have made their way to taylor swift and rihanna music videos and the snow flake earrings are just a reminder that the festive season is so close.
Happy shopping and lovely week

Four chic ways to wear a jumpsuit to work

Have you ever looked all over your closet wondering what you are gonna wear to work  and still after minutes of searching that feel like hours you still haven’t come up with any fresh ideas of an outfit to wear to work
Well  you know that jumpsuit that you only wear to parties  well its getting a makeover just for your office. well the idea is wearing a comfortable chic jumpsuit and a matching blazer or a biker jacket whichever is deemed appropriate for your work place.
 Check out four ways to wear the trend:
 Kate Lanphear the style director at T magazine wears a tailored navy blue jumpsuit with a black blazer and black heels.This outfit works especially well in a corporate office heck  you can pull off this look even at a law firm.
Blair Eadie wears a navy blue jumpsuit with a matching blazer, a black bag and black heels, this is a very simple look to throw together and voila you are good to go plus its very chic and stylish
Henar wears a red jumpsuit with  a black biker jacket and a mini celine bag and black strappy heels make this llok your own by wearing a cute printed blazer and satchel and a black pointy heels.
   All black outfits never fail you especially when you have a sorta weird morning, this is just a perfect go to outfit

Tell me your thoughts below:

Four chic ways to wear Tibi's full skirt

           Credits:, Harpers Bazaar,
Full skirts that are midi are an IT trend this season which is all about feminine and lady like silhouettes, what could be more perfect than this cute Tibi paint splatter full skirt. You can wear it with a biker jacket for an edgy look, a turtle neck top paird with a coat for extra warmth or a cute jacket.

I hope this post has inspired you

Let me know how you would style the skirt

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